Alternative Adventure Education

We work in partnership with you to provide:

  • powerful learning experiences
  • real adventurous activities
  • an experiential learning process

An outdoor education programme at Adventure Activities is a powerful life-long learning experience which helps young people to be ready for the challenges of school, work and later life.

Young people will be given opportunities to develop confidence, resilience, personal and social skills and teamwork. They are given opportunities to widen their horizons, develop their self awareness, and build up a personal toolbox of experience from which they draw upon back at home and school.

Learning is always most effective when activities are both enjoyable and challenging, and when they are chosen to match the needs of individuals and the intended outcomes.

We use a blend of real adventurous activities and practical activities in which we carefully balance the risks and benefits to provide powerful learning experiences.  Our outdoor education programmes are based on the experiential learning process, where individuals have opportunities to reflect upon their experiences and learn from them.

To maximise the learning, each individual has their own dedicated senior tutor for the duration of the course/programme.  We work in partnership with you to enable the residential experience to be an integrated part of your children’s education.

Learning Outcomes and Development

How long is a piece of string. It’s all very well having lots of learning outcomes listed, but our team use their experience to skilfully develop each individual. They are immensely positive about using the outdoors as a vehicle for personal development in young people. Even the younger members of our team plan their activity session structure around what your student is aiming to achieve, and they individualise the content accordingly. Our senior team who assist you to review and draw out the days key learning points will ensure that each group member has had the opportunity to maximise their learning.

Team work – The art of working with others is something that we continue to develop as we move throughout our lives. We know it is not something that can be gained in a day, but we use the outdoors to look at the foundations of working as a team and we provide many opportunities for young people to experiment.

Communication – All the subtleties of gaining a solid grounding in good communication can be developed very effectively in the outdoors when solid and clear learning opportunities are presented by experienced deliverers who have a depth of understanding of the process of facilitating the relationship between speaking, listening, thinking and understanding.

Problem solving abilities – This life skill can be developed in the outdoors when presented clearly. Our team don’t just set challenges then move on, they help group members to plan, do and then review, all the time whilst incorporating communication, team work, communication and leadership skills. It’s a tough blend to do, but our delivery team take pride in doing it well.

Leadership – Developing good leadership takes time and practice. We look to reinforce the start that young people get in school by taking the theory and practice outside where individuals get the opportunity to take charge and have a go at leading.

Self confidence – We encourage young people to ‘live life with more adventure’ in all aspects of their lives, and this takes self belief. We start small and help young people realise what they are capable of, and what they can achieve.

Personal risk management – We all look at risks differently. Some of us like risk, and others don’t. It’s how we approach risk that matters; it’s how we weigh up the options and balance the pros and cons of a situation. Young people are encouraged, under expert guidance, to take responsibility for their own risk management. They are encouraged to look before they leap and to consider the consequences of their actions.

Learning a skill – Learning the techniques of a new sport or activity can have profound impacts on young people, particularly when undertaken in spectacular surroundings.

Environmental responsibility – Simply understanding why litter goes in a bin is often a big step forward for some young people and often provides a ‘light bulb moment’. We encourage and enthuse individuals to see the world in which they live differently; we believe that showing and involving young people will illicit a sense of personal responsibility and this is a theme we strive to achieve.

Learning links back in school

Its clear to us that a stand alone outdoor education programme is a powerful experience for any young person to have, but we believe that when the programme is linked back to school then the power of the experience increases massively and so we encourage and support you to take learning forward to develop and reflect on learning and use the knowledge gained to really have an effect on the young persons life.

Learning Outside the Classroom

We are proud to have earned the Learning Outside the Classroom Quality Badge, which is the nationally recognised indicator of good quality educational provision in the outdoors. It is only achieved after meeting a set of quality standards that not every provider is capable of achieving. We work hard to maintain and ensure that our standards of provision are of educational relevance, and it is key to our philosophy of using the outdoors as a vehicle for change in young people.

Key information:

  • Students remain on school role with attendance figures being relayed to schools directly.
  • We have a record of dramatically increasing attendance figures, in many cases up to 100%.
  • We have case studies available to demonstrate the positive benefits of our programmes on attendance and engagement.
  • Core subjects are delivered throughout the programmes.
  • The PLTS Framework will be used to monitor, evaluate and guide progression for all students giving a clear portfolio of personal development to run alongside academic and vocational qualifications.
  • Programmes overseen by QTS staff.