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Adventure Activities Isle of Wight are the main outdoor education provider on the Isle of Wight; our staff have well over a hundred years experience in outdoor education in their respective fields (which includes within NCS Local Delivery Partners).

So we really know how to create an unforgettable and life-enhancing NCS experience! 

Our values, aims and philosophy as an organisation are directly aligned with the NCS ethos and principles which makes us a perfect NCS residential provider for your group.

Why spend your Phase 1 week with us?

We realise that NCS groups can bring hugely diverse groups of young people and we are fully set up to match this diversity. We tailor make bespoke packages for each and every group to suit their needs and have a huge variety of activities we can offer from Archery and Mountain Boarding to Coasteering, Giant Paddleboarding and Bushcraft skills. Our activities take place at our custom built site, however we also use the world renowned Freshwater Bay for our sea based activities and the iconic Tennyson Trail for hill based activities. The extensive forests that adjoin our main site are a great feature for evening activities and team challenge sessions.

Choosing to do your Phase 1 residential with Adventure Activities on the Isle of Wight is an experience your young people with never forget. The iconic beauty of the Needles and surrounding countryside alongside our unique range of activities and accommodation provides a real once in a life time opportunity.


Real Adventures | Stunning Locations

Our great activity packages are mixed with our traditional outdoor education philosophies to create epic water and land activities that are unmatched on the South Coast.

We might keep going on about it, but you really can’t beat our location! Our main camp is on the Isle of Wight in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) on a hillside overlooking the sea on two sides and Tennyson Down on the other, and Brighstone Down on the other. The perfect combination of on-site activities and off-site adventures on the sea, on the land and in the woods.

Adventures, challenges and friendships that will stay with you for a lifetime!


Locally sourced, home cooked food served in our unique giant tent. Pasta, fajitas and chilli all feature as well as plenty of fresh salads and different options for all dietary requirements. Visiting groups are encouraged to get involved in the sense of community by being involved in food preparation, serving and clearing up.

We use VegWare compostable dinnerware with almost a zero CO2 footprint, made from recycled materials and in keeping with our ethos of sustainability and environmental respect.

Young people make their own lunches using fresh island produce at the Self Service lunch station.


Our own private and secure Campsite is in an incredible location on the side of Tennyson Down above Freshwater Bay and Totland Bay. The incredible glamping site has its own private showers and toilets on site. Bedding is included. A private recreation area is available throughout the visit. All we ask is that you help us by recycling all your waste bits and bobs while you’re with us!

Luxury tents! Great food! Proper beds! But still camping!

Last night BBQ whilst watching the stars around the campfire with the backdrop of the world famous IOW festival original site and the stunning back drop of the Needles AONB and Tennyson down.

For you

All our programmes are designed to provide a suitable level of challenge and take young people of their comfort zones whilst working on key NCS themes such as trust, responsibility, empathy, understanding, teamwork and communication.

We have a unique variety of accommodation options from our outdoor glamping bell tents to indoor bunk beds at our hostel partners. Catering for all levels of comfort and challenge. All our food is prepared onsite freshly on the day using IOW produce.


Simply call us for more information about how we can start your NCS journey in the most memorable way…. 0800 180 4025 and Emma’s the best person to speak to!

We work in partnership with you to provide:

  • powerful learning experiences
  • real adventurous activities
  • an experiential learning process

An outdoor education programme at Adventure Activities is a powerful life-long learning experience which helps young people to be ready for the challenges of school, work and later life.

Young people will be given opportunities to develop confidence, resilience, personal and social skills and teamwork. They are given opportunities to widen their horizons, develop their self awareness, and build up a personal toolbox of experience from which they draw upon back at home and school.

Learning is always most effective when activities are both enjoyable and challenging, and when they are chosen to match the needs of individuals and the intended outcomes.

We use a blend of real adventurous activities and practical activities in which we carefully balance the risks and benefits to provide powerful learning experiences. Our outdoor education programmes are based on the experiential learning process, where individuals have opportunities to reflect upon their experiences and learn from them.

To maximise the learning, each individual has their own dedicated senior tutor for the duration of the course/programme. We work in partnership with you to enable the residential experience to be an integrated part of your children’s education.



Learning Outcomes and Development

How long is a piece of string. It’s all very well having lots of learning outcomes listed, but our team use their experience to skilfully develop each individual. They are immensely positive about using the outdoors as a vehicle for personal development in young people. Even the younger members of our team plan their activity session structure around what your student is aiming to achieve, and they individualise the content accordingly. Our senior team who assist you to review and draw out the days key learning points will ensure that each group member has had the opportunity to maximise their learning.


Team work – The art of working with others is something that we continue to develop as we move throughout our lives. We know it is not something that can be gained in a day, but we use the outdoors to look at the foundations of working as a team and we provide many opportunities for young people to experiment.


Communication – All the subtleties of gaining a solid grounding in good communication can be developed very effectively in the outdoors when solid and clear learning opportunities are presented by experienced deliverers who have a depth of understanding of the process of facilitating the relationship between speaking, listening, thinking and understanding.


Problem solving abilities – This life skill can be developed in the outdoors when presented clearly. Our team don’t just set challenges then move on, they help group members to plan, do and then review, all the time whilst incorporating communication, team work, communication and leadership skills. It’s a tough blend to do, but our delivery team take pride in doing it well.


Leadership – Developing good leadership takes time and practice. We look to reinforce the start that young people get in school by taking the theory and practice outside where individuals get the opportunity to take charge and have a go at leading.


Self confidence – We encourage young people to ‘live life with more adventure’ in all aspects of their lives, and this takes self belief. We start small and help young people realise what they are capable of, and what they can achieve.


Personal risk management – We all look at risks differently. Some of us like risk, and others don’t. It’s how we approach risk that matters; it’s how we weigh up the options and balance the pros and cons of a situation. Young people are encouraged, under expert guidance, to take responsibility for their own risk management. They are encouraged to look before they leap and to consider the consequences of their actions.


Learning a skill – Learning the techniques of a new sport or activity can have profound impacts on young people, particularly when undertaken in spectacular surroundings.


Environmental responsibility – Simply understanding why litter goes in a bin is often a big step forward for some young people and often provides a ‘light bulb moment’. We encourage and enthuse individuals to see the world in which they live differently; we believe that showing and involving young people will illicit a sense of personal responsibility and this is a theme we strive to achieve.