A fun overview of our 2018 impact

Big, important question!
Is it about the number of adventure experiences we’ve delivered, or how transformative an hour with one of our Alternative Adventure instructors for a person who has autism can be, or the career opportunities that our Seasonal Adventure Instructor training programme opens up?

Maybe it’s just brightening someone’s day, whether a customer or a colleague.

Where do you want to start…




is our approach to wood, string, paper and lots of other office stuff. In fact, Archie is our ‘go to’ person when we have something spare that could be useful – usually it will end up being used in a bushcraft session as part of a trebuchet building kit!


are important to us and whenever possible we will buy locally, pay suppliers promptly and source responsibly. We know we can always be better, but we’ve made a good start and proud to work in local partnerships with providers of great services… we thank you all because we know we can’t provide great services on our own!


are essential to us as we recruit Seasonal Adventure Instructors every year ready for our summer programme of activities. Through our recruitment approach of ‘look at the person in front of you’ (rather than looking just at their CV and qualifications) has meant we have truly passionate instructors who love what they do in work, and do loads of fun stuff in their own time… surfing, expeditions, mountain biking, triathlons, the list goes on, and on!


Each year, we create about 20 jobs, many with employment opportunities for local people looking to get into outdoor instructing who might otherwise end up in less adventurous careers, which would be a massive loss to the industry!


and that’s the Isle of Wight for us! We tend to think more along the lines of being a ‘socially responsible business’ so our charitable giving includes local causes that are relevant to what we do and resonate with our values.

In 2018, we’ve given adventure experiences to Isle of Wight Youth Trust, Freshwater Independent Lifeboat, Mountbatten Hospice and a number of island schools.


We are also working with Brightbulb Design and their chosen charity of the year, Caring Cancer Trust, to provide healing holidays for island families who have lost a parent, carer, child or sibling.