Every business has to look inwardly at

‘why are we different’ and for us this was

a real challenge…

We consulted, discussed, ranted (maybe a little!) and considered (a lot!) and this is what we’ve come up with… but it’s always open for further review and comment because actually constantly learning that’s a very real part of our USP (Unique Selling Point to use the marketing jargon).




Even with some of the most highly qualified outdoor instructors outside of Scotland, we recognise that life-long learning is absolutely key to our customers and our staff.

What we say: ‘Never stand still, always look ahead but value the moment, everyday.’



Particularly when it’s our customers. That means we’re always looking at feedback forms after a residential, talking to customers checking out from an adventure session and asking people to tell us how we can be better.

TripAdvisor says: ‘We had a company away day and Adventure Activities staff were super flexible around our schedule. It was excellent value for money, activities were great fun and would 100% recommend Adventure Activities.’




By working with passionate people, developing the next generation of leaders and instructors, capacity-building outdoor organisations beyond our own front door.

What our partners say: ‘You made the theory come alive with new ideas and clarification of familiar ones, which has moved my knowledge and ability to work with my students forwards.’ (PGL staff member)



It sounds simple but it can be hard and is often overlooked, whether helping a young person take on a new skill, asking a colleague for a finance report or welcoming a customer on a cold, wet day. We’re not perfect but we try our best in our little corner of the world.

Morgan Freeman says: ‘How do we change the world? One random act of kindness at a time.’

AAUK Mission Statement


Our mission is to #makemorememories for even more people, and encourage everyone to #livelifewithmoreadventure.

Adventure Activities UK has always been about sharing passion, hunger and desire to be working, playing or escaping in the outdoors. The company believes in quality across all aspects of the business and has high expectations of management and staff to uphold these standards. Encouraging participation and delivering a stimulating experience is fundamental to the AAUK ethos and our structure for growth.