Here at Adventure Activities we love nothing more than getting out on the water, unless it’s getting other people out on the water!

It’s little known, because he a bit shy about talking about himself, that Owen (Chief Adventure Officer) is actually quite good at anything that involves being on the water… SUP, kayaking, canoeing, the list goes on! Even the Navy turn to him for coastal navigation, skills training and coaching!

But we have more than just Owen on our ‘senior skills squad’ who deliver our water-based training courses… we’ve got a Tim, a Jim, an Archie and a Cliff too! In fact 3 of them are qualified British Canoeing Coach Tutors, 2 are Rescue Emergency Care Tutors, 2 are WSA Guide Trainers, 2 are RLSS Lifeguard Trainers – which means they ‘train the trainers’ – and they can train you too.

Courses run throughout the year, on the beautiful Isle of Wight, in Hampshire, Sussex, Cornwall and Wales and, if it isn’t provided as a part of the course, we will often help with accommodation and travel arrangements for your trip. So if you’re looking to upskill, achieve more and be the best you can be… what’s not to love?!

Hello, I’m calling 0800 180 4025 because I want to be my best on the water… can you help please?

Yes we can!

What training courses do we run?

Here’s a list for you to ponder over and be inspired by…

  • BC Personal Performance Award – Explore Assessment (2*)

  • BC Sea Kayak (3* Sea)

  • BC SUP Sheltered Water

  • BC Foundation Safety and Rescue Training

  • BC Coastal Navigation and Tidal Planning

  • BC Core Coach

  • BC Canoe Leader (Moving Water) Training

  • BC Canoe Leader (Moving Water) Assessment

  • MT Lowland Leader Award Training

  • MT Lowland Leader Award Assessment


  • BC Coastal Sea Kayak (Sea Kayak Leader) Training

  • BC Coastal Sea Kayak (Sea Kayak Leader Assessment

  • BC Paddlesport Instructor

  • BC Paddlesport Leader Training

  • BC Paddlesport Leader Assessment

  • BC Sheltered Water Coach Training

  • BC Sheltered Water Coach Assessment

  • REC Emergency Outdoor First Aid

  • RLSS Water Safety Management 1, 2 & 3


  • BC Sea Kayak Coach (Moderate Water) Training

  • BC Sea Kayak Coach (Moderate Water) Assessment

  • BC Canoe Coach (Moving Water) Training

  • BC Canoe Coach (Moving Water) Assessment

  • WSA Coasteering Guide

  • WSA Sit On Top Coastal Water Leader Training

  • WSA Sit On Top Tidal Water Leader Training

  • REC Advanced Outdoor First Aid

  • NNAS Bronze, Silver & Gold


… and if you want something that you can’t see, just ask us!  #findyouradventure #dreambig #achievemore

We run coach training, leadership training and personal performance awards across a range of water and land sports. Many of the courses that we run we have been involved at National level assisting in putting them together and in some cases, some of our team have written them.