Adventure Activities is lucky, and extremely proud, to work in partnership with a number of highly respected educational organisations, funding providers and referral partners… but it has taken a lot of hard work and cooperation to build these really robust relationships.

We’ve always believed that ‘trading on your own strengths’ and being ambitious in the quality of outdoor education we deliver will bring its own rewards. Our focus has always been to deliver excellent experiential, blended learning as we’ve seen just how powerful that approach is in achieving transformational outcomes for young people.

Every adventure activity session, we see young people stepping up their personal development and life skills by gaining confidence, improving their teamworking, discovering critical thinking abilities, developing leadership skills, making new social networks, reducing isolation, responding to numeracy and literacy challenges, and aspiring to meet new opportunities and challenges with self-assurance and mutual respect for those around them.

Outdoor learning and alternative curriculum provision supports a whole person and their well-being… social, emotional, mental, physical.

Here’s a quick run through on some of the educational programmes we deliver…