Adventure Activities have access to some of the best bushcraft locations on the Isle of Wight, both in Brighstone Woods and on our land centre at Stoats Farm… perfect for all your outdoor activities involving survival shelters, knot tying, whittling and friction fire building!

Bushcraft is something everyone can gain skills in and have fun learning.

Our Isle of Wight Bushcraft introductions are run by a Bushcraft specialist who has years of experience in outdoor living and teaching bushcraft. We utilise the best locations on the Isle of Wight for our Bushcraft courses. We provide all the equipment you need, and even the food and drink for you to experiment with on the fires that you will make using traditional methods – no matches here!

This is an ideal family activity whatever the weather. You’ll build a shelter together and then learn to make fires. You can relax together enjoying some food and drink that you have made. All the time you’ll have an experienced bushcraft instructor there to show you what to do and to give you loads of advice on tips and techniques. Great fun for everyone no matter what age!

Every adventure bushcraft session, we see young people stepping up their personal development and life skills by gaining confidence, improving their teamworking, discovering critical thinking abilities, developing leadership skills, making new social networks, reducing isolation, responding to numeracy and literacy challenges, and aspiring to meet new opportunities and challenges with self-assurance and mutual respect for those around them.

Outdoor learning and alternative curriculum provision supports a whole person and their well-being… social, emotional, mental, physical.

Please call us to have a chat about what type of bushcraft session would suit your group and we’ll put a plan together for you!

Bushcraft can be anything from an hour to a whole day, or even longer | 0800 180 4025