So, it’s Monday (or Tuesday, or Wednesday, or… you get the picture!) and it’s just another day in the office. But it doesn’t have to be!

Adventure Activities has loads of adventure stuff for businesses just like yours; big or small, start-up or established, city or rural. So whether you just want a fun time out the office celebrating being a team, or need some time-out to work ‘on the business’ with your leadership team, you can choose from a range of packages and activities for your staff or office occasions…

#CreateAdventurousTeams #PeopleAreYourBestAsset

Make a Difference (aka Team Building) 

Teams can be funny things. 

You need people who can take initiative and be decision-makers, but also those who will follow through with detail and get things finished. Then there are introverts and extroverts – with both personality types adding value and good thinking into planning and operations.

Understanding how teams work together, and how to get the very best from everyone in your team, can be a tricky thing to achieve within your own office environment with all the distractions of the ‘day job’.

Our Adventure Instructors can put a day together full of challenges and activities to really explore your team dynamics and give everyone a voice. It will be a day (half day or short session – whatever you need) full of laughter, achievement and changing perspectives.

Most importantly, it will give you real transformational learning and outcomes that can be the catalyst to innovation, creativity and growth within your business!

*Team Building packages start from £35 p/person 

Nice to be Valued (aka Recognition and Reward) 

Work hard, play hard is often talked about but what does it really mean?

Our view is that individuals and teams have a fundamental need to be valued. So as much as we all know that people are working harder than ever these days with KPIs, targets and strategic objectives to meet – it’s also good to motivate your people and remember to say a great big thank you for all their effort on behalf of your business.

We’re thinking…

    • Hard working sales teams
    • Terrific call centre teams
    • Amazing employee of the week, month or year
    • Lovely leavers and joiners, and promotions of course 😊 
    • Big birthdays
    • Heroes and Heroines of the office generally!

‘A company’s employees are its greatest asset and your people are your product.’ Richard Branson (we love a bit of Branson!)

*Recognition and Reward Vouchers start from £14 p/person

Change your 4 Walls (aka Away Days) 

In our world, that means ‘change your space, change your thinking’.

Einstein said (reputedly!) that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results’. We agree… and that’s why we ensure that Adventure Activities gives you something different.

Away days with us are tailored around your needs, not ours, but here’s a look at one of our ‘no hassle’ options…

(Yes, it’s a draft programme – yes, we can mix it up around your team and your targets 😊)

     9.30am   Show Up, Drink Tea (the good stuff!)

    10.00am  Change your Thinking – team ice breaker challenge(s) led by us 

    10.30am  Your stuff but we’ll supply the biscuits (and more tea)

    12.30pm  Feed Your Face (healthy 2 course lunch that won’t leave you in a carb coma)

    1.30pm    Find Your Mojo – team energiser led by us 

    2.00pm    More of your stuff but maybe cake this time

    3.30pm    It’s a Wrap – Reflections from you and us (you guessed it… more tea!)

    4.00pm   Au Revoir (never goodbye) OR stay and enjoy a campfire supper with us



‘We had a company away day in October 2018 and the Adventure Activities team were so accommodating. Not only was it excellent value for money but the Adventure Activities staff were super flexible around our schedule. The activities themselves were great fun and I would 100% recommend spending an afternoon with these guys!’  Jassi Porteous, Innovator at FLUXX

*Away Days start from £75 p/person

Take a Deep Breath (aka Health and Well-being) 

Wellness = happiness = effectiveness 

We know from running our own business that if you look after your staff, they’ll look after your business!

It’s also well known that UK businesses loose an average of 16.5 days per person in time off each year for illness, with the majority being mental health related. 

In 2018, that amounted to an astonishing 26.8 million work days!

So, with businesses like yours relying on a lean workforce, isn’t it a good idea to develop resilient teams, enable your people to take a break from technology and simply look after them so they stay well (emotionally), healthy (mentally) and working (physically)?!

*Health and Well-being packages start from £25 p/person, p/year

So for any of the above, it’s probably best to just give us a quick call then we can chat through what will be best for your people, then put some ideas and prices together.

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