The British Canoeing awards are the most inclusive and accessible route into coaching SUP, and we are running 3 of the currently available 4 routes into coaching SUP. If you are an existing BC coach then you can access the discipline specific training programmes, or if you are new to SUP coaching you will enter the well supported route through to your desired qualification. The great thing about all BC awards is you enter where you want, so for example, you don’t have to do sheltered water coach if you want to be a race coach, or if you want to be working on open water.


The three Coach Award pathways we are running are –

Stand Up Paddleboard Sheltered Water Coach – An ideal award for anyone wanting a formal and regulated qualification coaching SUP in a sheltered water environment, introducing fundamental skills up to 200 metres from the bank and up to force 3 winds.

Stand Up Paddleboard Open Water Coach – For anyone operating further afield and wanting to coach the relevant skills that the environment presents, then the Stand Up Paddleboard Open Water Coach could be the right choice.  Operating up to 500 meters from the shore with winds up to force 4.

Stand Up Paddleboard Race Coach – This is an ideal qualification for anyone wanting a formal award that specifically concentrates on developing race skills on a SUP in open water environments.  Both technical, tactical, physiological and psychological aspects are all part of this programme.


We also run all the other course options and the prerequisites for SUP coaches and leaders.


The British Canoeing Coach Route

The British Canoeing Coach Route















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Your coach for all the courses in this programme is Owen Burson, a member of the BC SUP Technical Committee, who wrote the original BC SUP award, and has been involved in integrating SUP into BC in the form it is now. He has SUP’d across the world, but is found most often on the South Coast and around the IOW.